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RULES A guideline for requesters

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Posted 27 April 2009 - 10:38 AM

Rules form all other pinned posts combined into one nice easy 'read it here' post.

No excuses now for not reading it.

The rules here are very simple, there is no excuse for not following them and a banning may be in order depending on what mood we're in when we spot you not following them. you have been warned.

Simple Rules

1. Use the request template. Its here: http://snd.astalavis...php?showtopic=6
Its simple, use it and complete it fully or we will just delete it.

2. Use all available resources to find what you are looking for before you request. If a request is made and a solution found elsewhere, you didn't do your homework you may get a willie answer. Never pleasant.

- ANY sort of internet broadcasting software.. Buy that shit
- Any cableTV Broadcast software...Buy that shit
-RollBack Rx
-more than 1 app a day
- demos, as there can be parts missing and we cannot magically code them back in for you.
- Spamming / Email harvesting / Script kiddie software / Keyloggers (hidden key stroke apps)
- Chat rom booters, mic lockers, room lockers, mass email creators and account lockers etc
- Game/betting applications (If you suck at betting or online games, learn the game, or leave it up to the REAL players!)
- School administration software (any type)
- ANYTHING having to do with that lame assed "MapleStory" shit.
- Unpacks of any type except among talents.
- All POS software, including Adelo for Restaurants in any version or configuration.
- ULTRA ALBUM STUDIO or AVCS FX3 or Pshop or Photomate or Anurag -OR- any other Indian shit app dongle protected that deals with photography, or is a digital photo add-on!!!!!!
- GSA Auto Website Submitter
- Any of the Internet/CyberCafe operations software
- Tubedownload..
- Commercial/Developer applications that assist you (the requester) or others to operate a money making business...If the app is so good that you want it for your business... BUY IT -- We are not going to be investors in your business...
- And the latest gay ass app to piss us all off...Tally ERP..

4. Do not request for each hourly update of the target. If we see you requesting "Gay app 1.234", then 1.234.5 etc we will probably get pissed and add it to the 'DO NOT DO' list above.

5. Targets will be taken up by whomever wants to do the work. Members and talents from all teams are welcome here. They do this because they want to. They are NOT obligated to you or me. NEVER offer money or compensation for the creation of cracks - you will be banned.

6. Registering with multiple names/accounts will result in a ban.

7. Spamming is not permitted, will result in a ban.

You may get banned and your post deleted. No arguments... its THAT simple.

At the very least your post will be trashed - DO NOT repost for at least 7 days minimum if your post is trashed!!


OMG WTF Virius Shit in dis crack
Quite often you'll find that your antivirus may moan about certain files.
Solution : Disable it or STFU.
There are no virus' in the solutions posted here (assuming it was downloaded from someone we've verified as a talent). Your antivirus is likely being lazy and highlighting a packer it doesn't like or finds suspicious. Either switch it off or dont use the file posted, do NOT moan that your anti virus is crap, we are not their customer support. If you do reverse a solution and genuinely find virus like activity then let us know and the poster will be promptly banned.

Get it while its hot
If a software has been reversed and you didn't get the "cure" the first go-around, DO NOT request that it be uploaded again when the target has been completed for a week or so. Developers SEE that their target has been compromised and change it in some way or another. Talents are not working from multi-terabyte server banks and seldom keep the "fix" on their machines for months on end as that would be stupid.

PM system
The messaging system has been disabled except between Talents and Admins. This stops backdoor requests from happening.

It has come to the attention of the admins and moderators that some fuckbags has been "ripping".
Ripping is stating that anothers work is your own and passing it off as talent that is yours.
Ripping is shit and will NOT be tolerated on this board or in the scene.
Therefore, the following fucks have been permanently banned:
-> ru-board

DO NOT USE THE QUOTE FEATURE as we all can read for ourselves..

And please DO NOT use fucking code boxes in requests!


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